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Reimagining teaching and learning summit presentations

Education is the Silver Bullet that has the Power to Disrupt Poverty

Archie Griffin Ballroom


Jaime Casap
Chief Education Evangelist, Google

Panel: Affordable Content and Student Success

Performance Hall
Moderator: Liv Gjestvang


Liv Gjestvang
Associate Vice President, Learning Technology,
The Ohio State University

Jasmine Roberts
Lecturer, School of Communication,
The Ohio State University

Amanda Folk
Head, Teaching and Learning for University Libraries,
The Ohio State University

Steel Wagstaff
Educational Client Manager and Product Manager,

Rebecca Griffiths
Principal Education Researcher, SRI Education


Panel: Data Analytics and Student Success

Archie Griffin Ballroom
Moderator: Shanna Smith Jaggars


Shanna Smith Jaggars
Assistant Vice Provost, Research and Program Assessment, Office of Student Academic Success, The Ohio State University

Kui Xie
Cyphert Distinguished Professor; Chair, Learning Technologies program, Department of Educational Studies, The Ohio State University

Xavier Ochoa
Assistant Professor of Learning Analytics, Dept. of Administration, Leadership, and Technology, New York University

Amelia Parnell
Vice President for Research and Policy, NASPA

Zach Pardos
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley

Panel: Equity, Social Justice, and Student Success

Cartoon Room
Moderator: Dr. Derrick Tillman-Kelly


Derrick Tillman-Kelly
Director, University Innovation Alliance Fellows
Program and Network Engagement

Tania Nguyen LaViolet
Association Director, The Aspen Institute College
Excellence Program

Bridget Burns
Executive Director, University Innovation Alliance

Lori Patton Davis
Chair, Department of Educational Studies,
The Ohio State University

Yolanda Watson Spiva
President, Complete College America


Panel: Reading the World with Black Girls

Archie Griffin Ballroom


Elaine Richardson
Professor of Literacy Studies, The Ohio State University;
Performer, Recording Artist, Survivor, Activist Founder,
Education Foundation for Freedom



Panel: Megacognition: The Key to Helping Students Reimagine Learning

Archie Griffin Ballroom West


Saundra Yancy McGuire
Director Emerita, Center for Academic Success: Professor
Emerita, Dept. of Chemistry, Louisiana State University



Panel: Why Culture and the Disciplines are Essential for Teaching "Soft" Skills to College Students

Cartoon Room


Matthew Hora
Assistant Professor, Adult & Higher Education, Depart. of Liberal Arts and Applied Studies; Director, Center for
Research on College-Workforce Transitions, University of



Reimagining teaching and learning

October 15, 2019
Ohio Union